Applicationno. 16958/13

Svallandv Norway.

TheAppelents names :

Dung Svalland, date of birth18.02.1959

Dalaneveien 36 N- 4618Kristiansand , Norway

Telephone: 38030678

Harald Frirhjof Svalland –date of birth 22.02 1947

Dalaneveien 36, N- 4618Kristiansand , Norway

Facts in the case:

My name Dung Svaland born year 1959 in Saigon, Vietnam. I came toNorway on 04/08/1983 boat refugee who has lived in Kristiansand ago,with a couple of periods in other countries.

In 1989, I married Harald Svalland and 6 years later – in 1995 – wehad our first child a boy.
Just before Christmas 1995, we letterfrom CPS who would use the Child Welfare Act § 4.12 against us.
Thewhole thing was based on an anonymous letter – so-called concern -which contained the following mendacious assertions:

“Wehad delusions. My husband Harald is violent and could not hold aregular job. All that I’m just a vietnam Browser ".

CPS,however, dismissed the case after “chatting” with us. Icould later read that here was made up more lies.

In 1998 wegot our son number 2

The following year, 1999, reported nurseKari Horrisland us to CPS because our oldest son (4 years) could notspeak. He could actually three words: mom, dad and the name of hisbrother.

In autumn 2000, we saw required to send ouroldest son to kindergarten and accepted an additional teacher (spy)in our home, who would teach our son number 2 to speak.

We didnot know we made a mistake when we said yes to this pressure. CPS hadall hired psychologist Kersti Ståhl concluding Child Welfare Act, §4.12, but it was not so because it might not availability.

February2001 began our son number 2 also in the nursery with his brother. Atthe end of the year, I took him out of the nursery again. Thisresulted in reaction from CPS as committed lawyer Sven J. Stray inthe case. My husband knew little of lawyer Sven J. Stray from thechurch they both belonged, and this is before my time.

CPSthreatened now with the county board and we succumbed. The result wasthat we had to send our son # 2 and our little girl (born 2000) tothe nursery for 6 months in 2002.

In 2005, the eldestson suffering from one or two in the same class. He was beaten by aboy in the class with a stick a stick (5 cm in diameter)including My husband called the principal and complainedof this violent relationship in school. We decided to keep the boy athome a couple of days and demanded that the school had to sort outthis matter. But the school did absolutely nothing.

It wasprovided that we had to keep our child at home many times due tosimilar attacks he suffered from the class, which unfolded of allthings right in front of your face to the teacher.

In total,this resulted in 64 days of absence from school, including 30 days wesought additional travel due to my family in France. Is not it truethat the problem of bullying is on the political agenda and must becombated, even in school?

In 2006, replied that schoolon our request – for help to put an end to this bullying – to reportus to CPS. In the summer of the same year, CPS decided to take ourkids. January 2007 I went to Vietnam and kids. Haraldnotified moving right after.

May 2008 I came back with thekids since Harald insisted that we were going home.

The19/12/2008 stormed police SWAT team with guns our house. They forcedus to go to their car, took the kids and drove us away to the policestation. After kroppvisitert us were thrown on smooth cell, each ofus for about 4 hours before they interrogated us and got us home.What the community has at its child welfare and police obtained bysuch behavior against a family with children? Ref. NorwegianConstitution § 102

The 26.12. 2008, we were allowed to visitthe children at the police station in Kristiansand in an hour.

The05/01/2009 we went to the institution Furukollen in Arendal andfetched them.

The 27/01/2009 I was arrested in Denmarkand about early kl.01.00 the 28/01/2009 I arrived and the childrenKristiansand with the boat. As we walked down the gangplank cried thetwo young all the time. An employee of the boat commented: “Soawful to hear” while we walked past where he worked.Nevertheless claim CPS all the time that our children would nothome. 29/10/2009 The fallen judgment of the CountyBoard: Children remain under CPS than 18 years with 6 companionshipof 3 hours and never get more goodness to come home. CPS maintainsits decision in a letter dated 01/11/2010. Throughoutthe process we realized now that CPS only lie and not only them butalmost all of the public supplies Fraud and media are censored and ofcourse it is a game that is served by child welfare and co and ourformer attorney Sven J. Stray in court. Expert KristianGundersen, Krossen school in Kristiansand lied and all emergencyhomes Wenche Vintland, Sigurd Kvelland, Siren Nesland lied in court,as well as all three judges. When used CPS previously anonymousletter to us just before the trial. We learned that it was sister inlaw to Harald, Anne M. Svalland who was behind the vengefulletter.

CPS accused us bl. A. because we would not be part ofthe carousel, we grown our own food and our children who was then 10,8 and 5 years were not social.
We are now starting to demand thereturn of the children, while also announces and informs about thematter at all places we have access to, the child welfare abuse.

Ihave not allowed the CPS to speak my native language as I did whenthe kids were with us, otherwise the company of kids endsimmediately, and I got the message from the Chief of Police inRandesund in Kristiansand. Calls to this here freedom?Should we celebrate 17 May? May 1st?

Ref:The review of the childrens welfare in Kristansand

.Appendix:Document Overview

Following conventionsare violated in this case:

1 . Constitution§ 102 – House inquisitions must not take place without the criminalcase

2. ECHR, Article 8, paragraph 1 shall protect the right tofamily:

Everyone has the right torespect for his family life. Thereshall be no interference by a public authority with the exercise ofthis right except such as is in accordance with the law and isnecessary in a single democratic society in the interests of nationalsecurity, public safety or the economic well-being, for theprevention of disorder or crime , for the protection of health ormorals, or for the protection of the rights or freedom. Article 10 of the UN Convention ensures the child’s right to know their parents to care for them and not be arbitrarily separated from their parents. The mildest infringement principle: If there is a basis for action, the child protection always consider whether one milder measures will Voere sufficient. The Child Welfare Act § 4-1 2, second paragraph, it says that a care order can not be implemented if it can create satisfactory conditions in the home by means of assistance. Care order is one serious enforcement procedures to parents and children, and for the principle of legality requires such coercive intervention a clear basis in law Child’s spokesperson on matters to be considered by the County Board. Quote: "County Committee’s Chairperson may appoint a spokesperson for the child in all matters falling within the county social welfare board in accordance with the Act § 7-2. In § 6-3 of the Child Welfare Act, the child may even act as a party and make party rights applicable when they have turned 15. County Appeals Board may also grant that a child under 15 can party rights in special circumstances. County Board 2009 is invalid and must be acknowledged illegal due to lack of signatures. This is attested to in writing by the Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion


1. County Issues for Child Welfare and Social Affairs- 29.102009

District Court.

Parentwas not heard, nor the children who want to be reunited with hisparents and lawyer advises them to fight on.

thecomplaint purposes

This whole matter is promoted due to inherit one showdown between twobrothers and envy from one family member. The family had always onenœrt relationship and lived simply by religious principles and anatural life.
CPS filed a lawsuit because Harald Svalland wouldwait to redecorate the house of the decision as to who should takeover was cleared.
Today the house is completely renovated andchildren’s rooms are refurbished and house is beautifully situated inbeautiful surroundings.
The court did not consider thePsychologist Kjetil Mellingen who is a renowned psychologist who hasworked in the U.S. for many years.
I will pray that this familyshould be reunited.

Support Group for family Svalland

I am attaching hereby authorized Dung and Harald Svalbard Land.

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